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CarbMelt Original Formula

CarbMelt Original Formula

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Due to supply chain issues of some of the ingredients, coupled with the high demand, our current supply of CarbMelt is now sold out!

While we are correcting the "supply issues," we are offering our original formula with the same, main, effective ingredients that control carbs and help alleviate sugar cravings.

We will be up and running with our regular CarbMelt very soon!

Order now while supplies last!


CarbMelt Description

  • Neutralize Carbs
  • Enhance Digestion
  • Support Metabolism
  • Dietary Supplement

Maximum Strength Carb Blocker

has been specifically designed for those who eat pasta, bread, and other carbohydrate-packed foods. The triple-approach formula works to:

  • Neutralize Starch Enzymes: White Kidney Bean is a plant-derived non-stimulant ingredient that neutralizes the negative effects of carbohydrates by inhibiting a portion of the body's amylase, the enzyme responsible for digesting starch. This powerful plant extract works to decrease the number of starch- carbohydrate calories digested by the body.
  • Enhance Digestion: Lipase and Protease are necessary enzymes responsible for breaking down fats and proteins. These enzymes are included in this formula to optimize the digestion of foods.
  • Support Metabolism: Insulin and cortisol are the major hormones of metabolism and fat storing and fat burning. 

When combined with a healthy low calorie diet and exercise plant, Maximum Strength  CarbMelt provides a targeted approach to help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

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